White Belt

1. Big stance(R Foot back) Down BLK(LH), Punch (R)

2. Big stance(R Foot back) Middle BLK(LH), Punch (R)

3. Big stance(R Foot back) High BLK(LH), Punch (R)



Yellow Belt

1. Skip outside (L), Horse stance Palm BLK(LH), Double Punch(RH-LH), Skip back to original position then Roundhouse


2. Skip outside (L), Horse stance Palm BLK(LH), Double Punch(RH-LH), Grab shoulder(LH), Sweep with Left foot, Jumping 

   Punch(RH) with right knee landing on the ground

3. Skip outside (L), Horse stance Palm BLK(LH), Double Punch(RH-LH), Big stance(L) Ridge hand strike (RH)​



Orange Belt

1. RF FWD w/ Back stance RH Middle BLK then Back fist strike w/ same hand, Turn around L-Elbow Strike (keeping the feet

    stance as is, but closer)

2. RF FWD w/ Horse stance Double Middle BLK, RH Grabs shoulders and LH grabs sleeves or arm, Turn counter-clockwise and

    over head throw the opponent, Jumping Punch(RH) with right knee landing on the ground

3. LF outstep at 45 degree angle w/ Horse stance LH Middle BLK, make circular motion with LH grabbing opponents shoulders

    bring them down, RH grab side of the head, then Knee strike to chest



Green Belt

1. LF forward Big stance LH High BLK, Middle punch two times then finish with High punch

2. LF forward Big stance LH High BLK, Hold the BLK, consecutive Middle punches two times with same hand(RH), then

    push opponent's shoulder(LH), and pull behind the knees(RH) and knocking the opponent

    to the ground, then jumping Punch(RH) with right knee landing on the ground

3. LF forward Big stance LH High BLK, R-Elbow strike to the jaw, then back fist strike to the temple(RH), with RH make

    a circular motion to bring the opponent downon his knees and then to finish with Axe kick(RF) (inside, outside)



Blue Belt

1. Hold Nunchucks(RH),RF FWD Back stance  Middle BLK w/ nunchuck(RH), strike to ribs w/ Bottom end(RH), then switch to

    RF  forward Big stance and strike with the chain-end to the temple

2. Hold Nunchucks(RH), RF FWD Big stance throw one end of Nunchucks to face, and swing two times

3. Hold Nunchucks(RH),RF FWD Back stance LH Knife hand BLK RH-Nunchuck strike to the neck same time, LH Grab, turn,

    and lock opponents hand with Blocking hand, and then sweep their leg with the hand with the Nunchucks. Strike to the face



Brown Belt

1. LH knife hand BLK and grab, RH knife hand strike (palm up) to the neck, then pull with LH closer to strike again with the RH

    to the other side of the neck (palm down)

2. LH knife hand BLK and grab, RH knife hand strike (palm up) to the neck, then push the jaw w/ palm and sweep. Finish with

    jumping punch

3. LH knife hand BLK and grab, RH knife hand strike (palm up) to the neck, then grab the head(RH), LF step forward strike with

    Left elbow to the face



High Brown Belt

1. Crescent kick(RF) (outside inside)(blocking the punch), don't put the foot down, Double Side kick(RF) to stomach and face

2. Front snap kick(LF) (blocking the punch), Roundhouse kick(RF) to the face

3. Spinning heel kick(RF) to the knee, Jumping spinning heel kick(RF)



Red Belt

1. LF forward Big stance, Split middle BLK, Grab shoulders, then knee to the stomach with RF

2. LF forward Big stance, Split middle BLK, Grab both the wrists, RF cross step to opponent's right side, crossing their elbows,

    then left foot step to make shoulder width stance to throw them, Jumping punch

3. Push a LF forward Big stance Split middle BLK,  Skip FWD grabbing the opponents head(LH-top of the head, LH-chin), then 

    LF step back pulling their head down and dropping them, Jumping punch



High Red Belt

1. Right foot step back, RF back stance LH Middle BLK, Turning clockwise put right foot in front of opponent's foot, Horse 

   stance Knife hand strike(R), grab collar then sweep w/ Big stance, Jumping punch

2. Right foot step back, RF back stance LH Middle BLK, Spinning heel kick(RF) to opponent's knee knocking them down, then 

    Roundhouse kick to the face(R)

3. Right foot step back, RF back stance LH Middle BLK, Turning clockwise putting the right heel in front of opponent's  heel, 

    right hand under the arm and head lock, then sweep pulling them back,  Jumping punch



Deputy Belt

1. RF step back(Big stance) LH Down BLK, LF step back(Big stance) RH Down BLK, LF Front snap kick, RF Back kick

2. RF step back (Big stance)  LH Down BLK, LF step back (Back stance) RH Middle BLK, LF Roundhouse kick, RF spinnung heel


3. RF step back (Big stance) LH Down BLK, LF step back (Back stance) LH Knife hand BLK, LF Roundhouse kick, RF Truning

    roundhouse kick


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